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The Common Ills
Hejira Saturday, the Iraqi Parliament voted in a Minister of Defense and a Minister of Interior -- the first time since spring 2010 that the positions have been filled. Mohammed Ghaban is the new Minister of Interior (over the federal police and prisons) and Khaled al-Obeidi is the new Minister of Defense. Yesterday in Boston, US Secretary of State John Kerry noted the accomplishment, "And on another note, I might just report we had a very positive step forward in Iraq today with the selection of a minister of the interior and a minister of defense. These were critical positions to be filled in order to assist with the organizing effort with respect to ISIL. So we’re very pleased. We congratulate Prime Minister Abadi and we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow the coalition and move forward." Also weighing in was cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr. National Iraqi News Agency reports: The... (more)

roy nelson
Child Abuse Operations
- What If..?

Operation Pallial. Operation Yewtree. Operation Fairbank. Operation etc etc. All current police operations set up to investigate cases of historic child abuse. All using good, honest policemen who hate abusers and want the truth to out. All collating and gathering information from the UK police forces. What if..? One of the team had a different paymaster ? All that information...

Honestly the thing i love about mine and Sheena's relationship is her.I could go on and on about how the sex is great and how she saved my life on two different occasions,but it's her that i really love in this relationship.My experience with her thus far has confirmed to me about my former christian beliefs that it does not hold all the answers.Now for most their beliefs is enough and thats fine,but i prefer experience over belief any day of the week.I empathize with those who may have been sexually abused by a spirit.Truly i do,but it's not right that someone would hold onto such narrow minded dogmas that incubi/succubi/djinn etc are out to drag your soul to hell just because what a malicious spirit has done.It would be like saying every person on earth is a lying,thieving,murderer just because someone else did so.It's not fair or right.

Casa de Cultura -
16th, 2014

I'm beginning to make a pattern out of my nighttime walk to the SCAPP building with my friends. Although I prefer to ride my bike to make the trip a lot faster, I was in no mood to complain. As I walked up to the building I saw the familiar face of the woman from last time. I also found out her name Katarina? Katrina? I'm not sure. So- maybe I didn't figure out her name but nevertheless her joy and enthusiasm for learning made so happy. Today's lesson was geography and travel, as always my friend Katrina was more than ready to take on the challenge of learning and pronouncing the unfamiliar words of the worksheets. We reviewed more simple words like 'boat' and 'car' and progressively moved on to harder words like 'airplane' and one that made everyone giggle- 'lorry' While I was expecting Katrina to simply brush the word off in hopes that she would never see it again in her life, she instead asked us what it meant. We then had a mini discussion with everyone in the session about what a... (more)

Truth in Love
Crossing the Tyranny Threshold
Link: America's Tyranny Threshold Author: Eileen F. Toplansky Source: American Thinker - 8.19.2013 As he finishes up his Martha's Vineyard vacation, Barack Obama would be well-served to recall the fiery words of Jonathan Mayhew, who is famous for his sermons "espousing American rights -- the cause of liberty, and the right and duty to resist tyranny." Mayhew, born at Martha's Vineyard on October 8, 1720, was "bitterly opposed to the Stamp Act and urged colonial liberties." Though he did not live to see the American Revolution (he died on July 9, 1766), his "sermons and writing were a powerful influence in the development of the movement for liberty and independence." And they need to be revisited as the Obama presidency continues its legacy of lawlessness. [Related Article: Praying for Richmond, VA] First published in Boston in 1750, "A Discourse concerning the unlimited submission and... (more)

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